vorting spin

1. First, set your image to 400x400. Or anyother size you want. Then press D to put your colors to default.

2. Next go to Filter > Render > Clouds, you should now have something like this:

3. Now go to Filter > Pixilate > Mezzotint >> Pick Short Strokes

4. Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur

5. Press Ctrl+F to Blur Again.

6. Go to /b>Filter > Disort > Twirl
Make Angle +100.

7. Duplicate Layer by going to Layer >> Duplicate Layer

8. Lighten Copied Layer

9. Press Ctrl+e to merge layers.

10. Duplicate this layer again

11. Now go to Filter >> Distort >> Twirl. Set to -200

12. Lighten layer. See step 8.

13. Press Ctrl+E to merge again.

14. Press Ctrl+u to colorize your image.

15. Again, Duplicate the current layer. Then Set the blend Mode to overlay

16. Merge layers (Ctrl+E) and your done.
When you are done it should look like this:

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